The guitarist Alejandro Lazo is a professional performing artist of the highest caliber. His repertoire includes classical, contemporary classical, and flamenco music. Alejandro’s specialty is contemporary music. He started playing the guitar when he was 10 years old and music has been his passion ever since. He is internationally known for both his expressive playing style and his unique ability to create an atmosphere of intimacy between himself and his audiences. In addition, Alejandro is widely regarded for his excellence in executing the highly demanding technical aspects of contemporary classical music.

Alejandro Lazo has appeared professionally throughout the world, with performances in Mexico, Europe, and the United States and plays with numerous ensembles ranging from duets, trios, large ensembles to playing as soloist with orchestra. In the realm of two guitars, Alejandro has toured internationally with American guitarist David Tannenbuam as well as with Mexican guitarist Federico Bañuelos. His performances and interviews have been broadcast worldwide.

Alejandro has commissioned and performed the premier of a variety of pieces from renowned composers, including Peter Maxwell Davis, Steve Reich, Lou Harrison, Bruno Maderna, Giacinto Scelsi (Mexico); Maurice Ohana, Alejandro Cardona, Hebert Vázquez (US); Mario Lavista, Gabriela Ortíz, Ana Lara, Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon and Arturo Fuentes (world).

In addition to performing Alejandro organizes workshops and teaches Master Classes in diverse Universities and Music Festivals.

Alejandro Lazo has served as jury in international competitions and was invited to Chair the Jury of the 1998 Schaeffer Guitar Competition at the University of Arizona.

Alejandro was awarded First Prize in the San Francisco Conservatory Guitar Concerto Competition in 1996 giving the U.S premier of Trois Graphiques for guitar and orchestra by legendary French-Spanish composer Maurice Ohana.

Alejandro Lazo has been the recipient of several prestigious scholarships and grants including the Fulbright Foundation, the National Foundation for the Arts and Culture of Mexico, fellowships, including the Marshall Foundation, the Whitthier Family Foundation, the Ivancovich Foundation, and the William Wolfe Foundation.

Lazo holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in guitar performance, with a minor in composition, from the University of Arizona; a Master of Musical Arts from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and a Bachelor of Musical Arts from the National School of Music in Mexico. Alejandro studied guitar with Thomas Patterson, David Tannebaum, Federico Bañuelos and Marco A. Anguiano; and composition and electronic music with Dan Asia, Alden Jenks and Arturo Marquez.

Alejandro enjoys an energetic career playing the guitar, composing and teaching music. He was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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