Photo of Alejandro Lazo in concert“You could see the audience enjoying and giving the rhythm with their feet…a real virtuoso…one that can play different styles”

Reforma Newspaper, Mexico

“Alejandro Lazo is an extraordinary performer who commands the attention of an audience”
David Tanenbaum, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

“A master…he is the guitar man”
The Sun, San Bernardino Newspaper Los Angeles Newspaper Group

“One of the best performances of New Music”
Nuevo Leon Radio, Mexico

“An exciting and emotional performance”
Publico Newspaper, Mexico

October Festival, Mexico

“Splendid recital…a sold out concert with an enthusiastic applause from the audience”
Ocho Columnas Newspaper, Mexico

“His guitar playing created a melodic atmosphere of beautiful music”
Scottish Rite, Child Language Center The University of Arizona

“A delicate and sensible performer…created intimacy…a beautiful, technical and rigorous performance”
El Norte, Monterrey Newspaper, Mexico

“He has achieved the highest level of quality…his work benefits our country”
Autonomous University of Zacatecas

“We are honored with his participation in our music festival”
VI International Music Festival of Morelia

“A talent of the new generation”
Siglo XXI Newspaper, Mexico

“One of the most brilliant interpreters”
VII International Guitar Festival of Cuernavaca

Music, images and information copyright 2022. All rights reserved. 

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